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Authorized Campus Software - Faculty

1¡BMicrosoft¡BSymantec¡BAdobe¡BAutodesk¡BSAS¡BMathWorks Partnership has authorized a campus permission contract with the University, and has since established the "Faculty Software Sever and Anti-Virus Control Center" on Tamsui campus, providing all members of the faculty installations and executions of authorized software only in campus. All software rights belong to Tamkang University. Unauthorized copying, distribution, or use of all software is strictly prohibited. Violators will face full legal responsibility and consequences for their actions.

2¡BTamkang Univerity has the following several categories of authorized campus software¡G

(1) Microsoft series software

(2) Symantec series software

(3) Adobe series software

(4) Autodesk series software

(5) SAS software

(6) MathWorks MATLAB software

(7) OpenType 127 Chinese fonts

(8) Dr.eye

(9) COREL Photoimpact

(10) Sun StarSuite 6.0

(11) Typewriting Software

3¡BFor instructions on how to link to the software server (Chinese), http://www.ipcedu.tku.edu.tw/server.htm

4¡BHelp and Support: Education Support Section, Office of Information Services (B219), ext.#2584.